Meet Esquire Grill’s New Chef: Dan Moore


Esquire Grill is proud to introduce their new Chef, Dan Moore. Dan joined Esquire Grill in June 2011 as Sous Chef and just recently began as Chef this week.

Learn more about Esquire Grill’s fantastic new chef, below:

How long have you been with Esquire Grill?
Spent 4.5 months as Sous Chef and just recently began as Chef this past Monday (Oct. 17)

Folsom, CA

Years in the culinary industry:
12 years

Where did you develop your culinary skills?
Attended the California Culinary Academy and then developed my culinary skills in both San Francisco and New Orleans.

First job ever:
Folsom Family Pizza

What is the best part of working at Esquire Grill?
Chicken Fantasticos

Who have had the biggest influence on your cooking style?
Mitchel Rosenthal, head chef at Postrio in San Francisco

Define or describe your style of cooking:
Simple and seasonal

What fall/winter ingredients are you looking forward to using this year?
Brussel sprouts and Applehill apples

What fall/winter menu items are you currently developing for Esquire Grill? Give us a hint.
A face lift

What is your favorite dish to make?

What is your favorite ESQ dish to make?
Grilling N.Y. Steaks

Do you have any other passions besides cooking?
My family

What is your favorite ESQ dish to eat?
Back to the Fantastico

Drink of choice:

Do you have a favorite food, cuisine or ingredient?
Depends on my mood

When you want to make something quick, simple and delicious, what do you prepare?

What 5 kitchen ingredients/tools can you not live without?
Salt, cake tester, spoon, fish spat, and peeler


1401 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


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