New Mid-winter Menu Items At Cafe Bernardo

The weather is changing and so are our menus! Cafe Bernardo is embracing some of the delicious mid-winter produce available right now by offering some new menu items for you enjoy. Here’s a list of new items available at ALL Cafe Bernardo locations:

Organic Quinoa & Fuji Apple Salad
Dried cranberries, pecans, scallions, curry vinaigrette

Mushroom & Jarlsberg Cheese Salad
Parsley, lemon, virgin olive oil


White Bean & Roasted Garlic Soup
Parmesan, extra virgin olive oil

Black Bean Burger
Jack cheese, avocado, pickled jalapeno, tomato, red onion

Calabrese sausage, broccoli, garlic, chili flakes, Parmesan


Diestel Ranch Free-Range Turkey Burger
Mixed greens, house-made pickles, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise

Roasted Portobello Mushroom & Arugula Pizzetta
Tomato sauce, cream, oregano, chili flakes, Parmesan


Bloomsdale Spinach & Mushroom Omelette
Fontina cheese, leeks, thyme; served with herbed potatoes, toast and jam

Buckwheat Pancakes
Pure maple syrup, sweet butter



1401 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


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