Pioneer Days…big City Nights

Saturday was an eventful day for fans of Sacramento art and history. The Taste of History at Sutter’s Fort was an opportunity for Slow Fooders to sample a menu inspired by the Gold Rush era while wandering the grounds of Sutter’s Fort. Later that evening, Sacramento’s art patrons (at least those willing to pop for $1000 a person tickets) were treated to an unveiling of the Crocker Art Museum expansion.

For the Sutter’s Fort Event, Chef Scott Rose of Esquire Grill and Chef David LaRoche of Spataro spit-roasted two 40 pound hogs supplied by legendary Yolo County hog farmer John Bledsoe. Bledsoe is the real deal. A slightly crusty, dis-shoveled man built with enough ballast for hauling hogs over his shoulder. Also, one the nicest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet. Look for him at the Sacramento Farmer’s Market on Sundays. Chef Michael Tuohy prepared a hangtown fry salad and the folks from Mulavaney’s B and L provided appetizers and the service for the event.

After helping to set up the Sutter event, I rushed home to shower, change and escort, the soon to be honored for her 25 years at KFBK, Kitty O’Neal to the Crocker Event.

As is typical with our arrival to this sort of event, we were quite late and missed most of the cocktail reception (Generally my favorite part of any event) although we were able to see the main floor of the new building which is visually stunning. Dinner was held under massive tents set up across the street in the park. San Fransisco caterer Paula LaDuc orchestrated the meal and service which, considering the scale, was quite well done. After dinner, guests re-entered the new building for a dessert buffet and after dinner drinks. The night ended with dancing to music provided by a DJ. We stayed until we could no longer tolerate the pain our shoes were inflicting on us. What a day!


1401 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


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