Portion Control Is Out Of Control

Guest Post by Paula Hendricks, Certified Nutritionist at Hendricks for Health

Portion control will greatly improve your chances for successful weight control.

Everything is big in America: cars, houses, grocery stores, purses, and food portions. And we want it big! Americans have capitalized on this infatuation with everything big – it is called super-sized. Advertising tells us we get more for our money if we purchase the super-size. Such a deal! Many people won’t even frequent a store or restaurant if the servings are too small because they think they are not getting their money’s worth.

But the bottom line is “Portion control is out of control and bigger is not better!”

Is it a coincidence that Americans’ body sizes are growing in unison with super-sized foods? There are many theories to the growth of the American girth, but I am certain super-sized portions play a significant role; the food is often non-nutritious and will not help you control your weight.

In restaurants, super-sized foods are typically the least expensive items: breads, pastas, potatoes, beans and rice. They don’t usually serve a super-sized portion of shrimp or chicken. Protein foods are too expensive to super-size and you often have to look hard for the protein mixed in the dish.

Healthy & Filling Options Are Available!

So how do you overcome the temptations of not eating super-sized foods? Be savvy, learn what a healthy food portion should look like, and pick restaurants that offer healthy and fresh food options like Café Bernardo does.

The following information will give you some insight into how to be aware of traps so you can be successful when making choices for successful weight control.

At the restaurant, ask the server what your meal contains. If it is loaded with high calorie carbs (potatoes, rice, or another starch), ask if you can replace it with spinach or another low-calorie vegetable carb instead.
When ordering salads in restaurants, make sure you really know what you are getting. Many salads contain excess calories and you may think you are having a safe and healthy chicken salad when in fact it may contain up to 2000 calories with croutons, noodles, and sugary dressings – enough calories for the entire day.
Avoid restaurant-style buffets – they can be calorie traps. They may be cost-effective, but it is not worth getting your money’s worth.
Cafe Bernardo offers many choices for savvy, super-size conscious eaters. From their salads to the entrée dishes, eating healthy is simple. I suggest having a plan when ordering so you will be more apt to stay on track – don’t let your stomach over-rule. You can always peruse their menu online before you visit their restaurant so you can mentally prepare ahead of time.

When dining here for dinner, I recommend ordering a salad (I love the Spinach and Arugula Salad) to start your meal healthy with low-calorie, low-carb vegetables. They come in two sizes, half and whole, depending on how hungry you are that night. Eating vegetables before the entrée will help prevent overeating for the rest of the evening. If you notice, they don’t deliver bread to the table – you have to ask for it. That makes lo-carb eating simple – stick to the salad choice.


To continue with the plan for the evening meal, I suggest ordering one of the first three entrees from the “Plates” section. Whether you have a hankering for Beef, Chicken, or Fish, they offer it here; fresh, healthy and just the right portion size. Or if you want a good ol’ Café Burger, order it up Protein –Style, no bun and salad on the side.

It really is that simple! I’m ready to order – are you?



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