Prg All-stars: Bakery Manager Laurel Melchor

Every meal eaten at our restaurants is the result of the hard work, talent and teamwork of many. From the chefs that create delectable dishes, to servers that guarantee a wonderful dining experience, to bartenders that concoct irresistible drinks, and even to the hosts that happily greet you upon arrival. Without them, our restaurants would not exist. Therefore, we thought it fitting that you get to know some of them, and hopefully want to visit these restaurant all-stars to see them in action!

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Laurel Melchor
Bakery Manager Extraordinaire


If you read the fantastic article in yesterday’s Sacramento Bee about Laurel, then you’re already aware of what an asset she is to our company. For those of you who have not yet had the chance to read it, the article is available online. It even includes two of Laurel’s very own recipes for Brownie Bites and Frozen Espresso Mousse. Yum!

Laurel joined the PRG team in October 2010, not long after having discovered her love for baking at an American River College cooking class. She is not only an expert at creating delicious desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, pies, and pavlovas, but she has also mastered bread and pasta making. If you’ve ever had a dessert, piece of bread or a pasta dish at a PRG restaurant, chances are that you’ve already experienced Laurel’s incredible skills for yourself.

Hometown: Humboldt County

Laurel’s recipe for success: “Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and don’t be such a scaredy-cat. That’s what I say to myself and it works!”

Current project: Coming up with Café Bernardo’s featured cupcake for the month of July…something with lemons!

Favorite dessert to make: “A really perfect Crème Caramel or Flan. Exquisite, simple and divine.”

Drink of choice: “Coffee and more coffee. With just a shot of milk. No sugar.”

Dream: To have her own bakery. She’d name it “Live Active Culture.”

When not at work, you can find Laurel… “Hanging out with my kids and getting to bed at a reasonable hour.”


1401 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


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