Prg All-stars: Chef Shannan At Cafe Bernardo Midtown


Name: Shannan Berg

Title: Chef

PRG location: Cafe Bernardo Midtown

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Best part of working at Cafe Bernardo?
It’s the original Café Bernardo location, we have regular customers that have been dining here for years, our patio is dog friendly and we have complimentary dog biscuits, it has the midtown vibe, and Local Roots Food Tours stop at Cafe Bernardo each week

How long have you worked for PRG? 17 years

First job ever: Preschool aide

What is your favorite food to eat? Anything full of carbs!

When not at work, you can find me… Hanging out with my dog, checking out other restaurants, or taking long naps

Indulgence: Traveling

Favorite TV shows: Nurse Jackie, Dexter, and 60 minutes

What do you do for fun? Watch indie films, travel, cook dinner for friends, and longboard with my dog, Ernie

Best PRG memories: Opening Esquire Grill as lead Sous Chef, returning to Café Bernardo Midtown as Chef, hosting the 1st annual dog party extravaganza on the patio at Café Bernardo Midtown, and spearheading the transformation of Café Bernardo Midtown into the first “green” certified restaurant in Sacramento County.

Who has influenced your cooking style? Alice Waters, Teresa Urkofsky, and Kurt Spataro

Best cooking experience: Six years ago, I got to work with Walt Hawley (Colorado’s Chef of the Year and the Corporate Executive Chef of Nestle USA) for three days. I was his Sous Chef in the exposition kitchen of the Culinary Institute of California at Greystone, where we served over 300 people.

Where did you develop your culinary skills? Self-taught, but occasionally attended some cooking classes to perfect certain skills.

How old were you when you started cooking? I was 17 when I got my first restaurant job, but as the oldest of five children, I had already spent years cooking for my siblings at home.

What cooking-related advice can you share with our readers? Keep it simple and use seasonal and fresh ingredients as much as possible.


1401 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


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