Prg All-stars: Sous Chef Marta At Centro

Every meal eaten at our restaurants is the result of the hard work, talent and teamwork of many. From the chefs that create delectable dishes, to servers that guarantee a wonderful dining experience, to bartenders that concoct irresistible drinks, and even to the hosts that happily greet you upon arrival. Without them, our restaurants would not exist. Therefore, we thought it fitting that you get to know some of them, and hopefully want to visit these restaurant all-stars to see them in action!

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Marta Jimenez de Perez
Sous Chef at Centro


Marta joined the PRG team in August 1997 as a dishwasher at Centro Cocina Mexicana. Not long after settling into her role as a dishwasher, former Chef Fred at Centro suggested that Marta test out her culinary skills in the kitchen. She adapted quickly to the kitchen environment and discovered that she really enjoyed cooking. Quickly, she became a regular in the Centro kitchen and says that she still loves every minute of it today.

Hometown: Jalisco, Mexico

Best part of working at Centro: I love working on the line with other chefs. Many of my team members at Centro have also been here for a long time and we enjoy working with each other.

Favorite dish to make: Sopa de Tortilla. It’s really easy to make and tastes really good.

Favorite food to eat: Spinach Salad. I love that you can mix it up and add different things to it. I like to add almonds, cheese, chicken, sometimes fruit—whatever I feel like!

If you could add any item to the Centro menu, what would it be? I love making Pork with Salsa Verde whenever we have it as a special. I’d love to permanently add it to the menu someday.

When not at work, you can find Marta… At home relaxing or visiting my grandchildren.

What do you do for fun? I enjoy going to the movies or catching up on telenovelas (Spanish soap operas) at home.

Earliest food-related memory from your childhood: I remember when I was really young and I loved spending time in the kitchen watching my grandmother make homemade burritos.

Who has influenced your cooking style? Former Centro Chef Fred. He was the only person to really teach me how to cook. Of course I’m influenced by my family as well, but Fred taught me how to perfectly make everything on the Centro menu.

Worst cooking experience: A long time ago, I made a terrible Caesar Salad Dressing. Somehow it just didn’t turn out right and I was devastated that it didn’t work out. I was so embarrassed, that I made sure it didn’t happen again.

Best memory at Centro: My former coworker Yohani and I invited our friends and family to come into the restaurant. We got to show off our cooking skills and really enjoyed spending time with them.

What advice would you give to someone in the restaurant industry? Try new opportunities. I was lucky to be given the chance to try out my skills in a kitchen and I hope that other people can also give new experiences a try. You have to at least try something to be able to say whether or not you like it.


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