Protein- It’s What’s Cooking At Hock Farm!

Guest Post by Paula Hendricks, Certified Nutritionist at Hendricks for Health


I recently visited Hock Farm Craft & Provisions, Paragary’s newest endeavor on L Street in Sacramento, an upscale farm to fork restaurant that purchases their food products from local farms, fishmongers, and meat producers. It was mid-April and I was with my girlfriend for a lunch date. The restaurant had only been open a week and Hock Farm was already bustling with energy and the aroma of fresh herbs filled my senses. After being seated at a lovely reclaimed old plank table, we perused the menu. I was amazed with the variety of protein choices and was excited to order.

I have long held the philosophy that animal protein is the ultimate nutrient for the body and should be the key ingredient on your plate for every meal. Hock Farm offers locally raised high quality meats including them in almost every dish on the menu. For those who don’t know, animal protein is the best fat burner, metabolism booster, and muscle builder and no other nutrient can replace the essential benefits of high quality protein.

We chose as an appetizer the Chicken Liver Mousse, and for our entrées, my friend ordered the local catch of the day, Sea Bass over fresh greens and I decided on the Oven-Roasted Free Range Chicken Salad. Both entrees had just the right amounts of protein, fat, and healthy carbohydrates – a perfect power lunch for two working women. So don’t settle for boring, tasteless food to stay on track with your health goals, you can find tasty options right at this place!


Here are five good reasons why it is important to eat protein every day and at every meal.

Protein is not stored in your body. Our bodies require protein every day. Since the body cannot make or store protein, you must consume some every day. If you do not consume enough protein, your body will break down and burn muscle to compensate. You do not want this to happen because over time your muscles will atrophy – shrink – and fat cells will take over!
Protein intake needs are different for everyone and it is important to consume the right amount for your body. Height, bone size, and activity levels determine each person’s specific protein needs. Do you know what your daily minimum is? A general rule: for each meal, consume enough protein that is about the size of the palm of your hand.
Protein is what’s for breakfast. During the night while sleeping, your body burns off whatever carbohydrates eaten during the day and then begins to burn stored fat. After several hours the body also begins to burn a small amount of muscle protein. To protect muscle from being burned so your body continues to burn fat, you must consume protein for breakfast, within one hour after you awake. If you have breakfast without protein and eat high sugar carbohydrates (cereal, fruit, bread, etc.), your body will stop fat burning, burn the carbohydrates instead and continue burning muscle – a bad combination!.
Protein is a metabolism booster that affects mood, brain function, hormones, hunger and fullness. By keeping the carbohydrate grams absent or low enough at each meal, your blood sugars will remain more stable with protein and fat intake. When your body has a constant and even blood sugar level from eating protein and fat at every meal, your mood is stable, you feel fuller longer, your brain function is alert, and hormones stabilize. This will help you burn fat, keep you happy, and keep you smart and thinking clearly!
Protein intake from animals will help you lose weight, for the long term. As the ultimate fat burner and muscle builder, animal protein intake is the magic bullet! If it could move before it appeared on your plate, it is animal protein. Meats of all kinds, hard cheeses, high protein Greek yogurt, eggs, and high quality protein drinks are all good choices. Beans, lentils, soy, etc. are vegetable proteins and do not contain all the essential amino acids for efficient fat burning. Vegetable proteins also come with a bigger carbohydrate load, which is not effective for weight loss. Learn to love animal proteins for long-term weight control and good health.

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